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Is anime art? Of course. Its drawings may be simple, but isn't that what post-modern art revolves around?
Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12 Review

This episode was “unexpected.” I did not expect for it to be all about Kaneki and Tamori. It did not have any humans or anyone from Anteiku. Also, Rize’s appearance was interesting. I actually expected her to comfort Kaneki in his time of need. I also did not expect for Kaneki to accept that he’s a ghoul and in turn become the monster that he never wanted to be. This episode had just enough horror. I am looking forward to season 2 (if there even will be one).


Happy birthday Kakashi Hatake!

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 11 Review

There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary in this episode. The Doves fight the ghouls and Kaneki’s friends are trying to save him. What I am curious about is how they will wrap it up since episode 12 is the last episode. Episode 11 is left on a cliffhanger where they show Kaneki with white hair so I am also looking forward to that being explained.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 10 Review

This episode was pretty predictable. Because the ghouls in the 11th ward wanted to find Rize, they come to Kaneki. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was Tsukiyama going to save Kaneki.  had totoally forgotten about him, so I was shocked when he returned.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9 Review

This episode was interesting because it was unexpected. I did not expect Rize to ever come up again, but she was the main focus of the episode, whether it be Kaneki searching for her past or the ghouls in the 11th ward wanting to secure her. Because it was unexpected, it makes me want to keep watching.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8 Review

This episode was really depressing. I finally understand why Kaneki became a ghoul. He serves as the bridge between the humans and the ghouls. He is the only one that truly understands both of them and how similar they are. They both just want to survive and the humans do that by trying to eliminate all the ghouls. This episode had way more horror and was way more depressing than I had thought. This makes me want to keep on watching to see what happens next.

The world is cruel.